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A collection of plays and short stories by Author Art Leahy

Art Leahy

Arthur R. Leahy enrolled in a creative writing class in February 2008, with his wife Eileen and their son Ryan. Since then, he has dedicated his writing to sharing stories from his past experiences.

His other work includes Death on the 16th Fairway, an audio golf themed mystery trilogy; short stories The Key and Me, a nostalgic drama; and The Matched Pistols of Fizzle, an historical tale; plus several scripts for one- and two-act plays.

Leahy, an investment counselor with a Philadelphia based corporation, holds a BBA and MBA from Drexel University. He is a member of the Dramatists Guild of America, The Delaware County Press Club, Rotary International, and the American Legion. Contact him at ggaceo06@comcast.net.

Don't Finish Third Cover


A Cold War Story

Arthur R. Leahy served in the United States Air Force Security Service after completing basic training in San Antonio, Texas in July 1965 until his discharge from active duty in February 1969. The first of his two-tour enlistment story is recounted in Don't Finish Third: A Cold War Story.

Forty-six years after his last active duty military service, he feels it's time to tell the story of the airmen who were ever vigilant to ensure the safety of the United States of America during the post-World War II Cold War era.

Listen to an excerpt from the book:

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My Mother was a Democrat, My Father was a Republican

My Mother was a Democrat. My Father was a Republican.

A look back to 'When Civility was in Bloom.'

Brian O'Connell has taken upon himself the task of helping his Dad decide which candidate to vote for in the upcoming 1960 Kennedy/Nixon presidential election. This fourteen year old high school freshman and Philadelphia Bulletin paperboy will use all the tools at his disposal to gather the pertinent information he feels his father will need in making this important decision. Brian must weigh the internal family and external neighborhood conflicts and influences before making his final recommendation.

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